Dental Implants

If you ever suffer the misfortune of completely losing a tooth (be it from injury or a dental condition) you don’t need to fret–there is a permanent solution that can restore your tooth! Dental implants are one of the most sought after treatments for the replacement of teeth, and luckily, Dr. Wallet can supply you with this service. Implant dentistry is quickly becoming the go-to procedure for patients seeking premium restoration and a long term solution. This differs from a veneer or crown in that it is not material bonded to a preexisting tooth–a dental implant is a base for a whole new tooth.
Dr STUART WALLET DDS Marlton Dental implantsDr. Wallet will insert and attach the dental implant directly to the jawbone, creating a stable anchor for your new, artificial tooth. They act as replacement tooth roots, as Dr. Wallet inserts a titanium post into the bone where the tooth used to be. Once this stage heals the crown, bridge or dentures are securely screwed right into place. Reasons for dental implants besides replacing a missing tooth include relieving joint pain caused by teeth shifting into the open space, restoring chewing, speech and digestion, enhancing facial features as well as comfortably supporting a bridge or dentures.

Perhaps the most glaring reason to invest in a dental implant is to confidently show off your smile sans any insecurity or discomfort. Dr. Wallet’s practice is always trying to figure out the best and most constructive solution to a dental problem when you’re not feeling your best. Dr. Wallet wants to make sure your smile is happy and healthy so you can enjoy it at its full potential. You can schedule a consultation with Marlton cosmetic dentist Dr. Stuart Wallet to see if dental implants would be a good choice for your condition. Call us at (856) 983-4349 where a healthy new smile awaits you!